How To Swap Between v1 & v2 Smart Chains?

This Guide Will Show You How To Swap Your PHI From To & From The PHI v1 & v2 Smart Chains

Swap Using PHI.Network To v1 & v2

Swap From Smart Chains

1) Go To Buy.Phi.Holdings/swap

2) Send PHI to Deposit Address phinetwork.eth (0x1321c3b62Bd841E12bB9FA77d7778A41e08BF323)

3) Submit The Redemption Form With The Transaction Hash Url.

Please Allow 24-48 Hours When Swapping PHI Cross Chain Between v1 & v2 Chains.

Congratulations You Have Successfully Learned How To Swap PHI Between The v1 & v2 PHI Smart Chains.

Once You Have PHI On Both Chains You Can Use The Decentralized Cross-chain Bridge To Easily Move Between Chains By Going to

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