ℹ️Metamask Setup

Follow the step by step Instructions below to set up your wallet & connect to PHI Smart Chain

Prerequisite: Metamask Must Be Installed On Your Device Before Preceding With Setup Instructions.

Step 1.

On Mobile Device

1.a Click The Menu Icon

1.b Then The Settings Button

1.c Followed BY The Networks Option

1.d Then Click Add Network.

Step 2.

Fill In All the fields with the network information (Do Not Leave the (Optional) Fields Blank They Are Not Optional Fill In The Form Entirely) as shown in the picture below.

PHI Smart Chain Connection Details:

  • Network Name: PHI

  • New RPC URL: https://connect.phi.network

  • Chain ID: 144

  • Symbol: Φ

  • Block Explorer: https://phiscan.com

For Your Convenience Copy & Paste The Listed Above Credentials In The Add Network Form On Metamask.

Step 3.

Click on "Save"

Congratulations! You have now set up your MetaMask wallet to be used with PHI Smart Chain! You can switch between the different networks by simply using the drop-down menu on the top of your wallet.

To Swap Using Use Phiswap.com

There are two options "Metamask" & "WalletConnect"

Select "Metamask" on Desktop

Select "WalletConnect" On Mobile Device

Review Screenshots Below For A Visual Aide

On Mobile Device Select WalletConnect

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