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The Community-Run Technology Powering The Cryptocurrency PHI (PHI). Social Entertainment PHIverse. Fastest, Securest & Easiest To Use Blockchain. Instant, Scalable, Secure, Private, P2P Network. Zero Transaction Fees

Zero Fees

PHI Network Social Blockchain Is Free To Use & Transact Value. Members Are never Charged For Sending, Receiving, Exchanging Or Holding Their Value On PHI Network

Zero Fee

Instant Transaction

Private & Secure

Community Owned


Easy To Use, Contribute & Mine

PHI Network Allows Developers To Build Easy To Use Smart Blockchain Applications. Everything A Member Creates Or Shares Using PHI Network Is An NFT With Utility That Collects & Distributes Royalties In PHI For The Value Contributed. Earn, Send, Receive, Exchange Cryptocurrency From Your Mobile Device Effortlessly Without Having To Connect To External Wallets & Pay Gas Fees. Your Username Is Your Wallet Address. On PHI Network Your Social Profile Is Your Wallet. Perform On Network & Off Network Transactions All From One Application.

Decentralized Private & Secure

Limited Supply With No Central Authority. PHI Network Is Owned By The Community Members Based Upon their Contribution & Participation. PHI Network Creates A Fair Community With Real World Value That Is Not Affected By Inflation. Each Member Owns their Own Data & Is Never Tracked. Members Only Provide What Information They Want & Can Be Completely Invisible On The Network While Still Being Able To Earn, Send & Receive PHI. Secured Value That Is 100% Protected From Any Sort of Theft. PHI Network Can Recover Funds Due To User Error & Recover Passwords If Forgotten.

Instant Transactions & 24/7 Support

PHI Network Social Blockchain Is the Only Blockchain In the World That Is Instant. On PHI Network There Is No Waiting For Transaction Confirmations. PHI Network’s Blockchain Can Securely Process & Confirm A Million Transactions A Nanosecond. Never Wait To Send, Receive or Exchange No Matter How Many Transactions Are Sent At Once. 24/7 Community Support Staff To Help Solve Any Technical Issues For Community Members.

Share Content, Engage With Friends & Search The Web

PHI Network Is The Only Blockchain In the World That Allows You To Connect With Friends, Meet New People, Earn Value & Transact Peer To Peer In One Application. Privately, Search The Web, Chat With Friends Via Video, Text & Voice. Create Groups & Share Your Favorite Moments With The World. Add All Your Alternative Social Media Profiles & Links To Your PHI Network Profile. Display All Your Profiles, Credentials & Links On One Easily To Navigate Profile Page While Earning PHI For Every Visit.

Community Owned Social Blockchain


Frequently Asked QuestionsHow To Create A PHI Network Account?

1) Go To PHI.Network/register

  • or go to PHI.Network Click Enter Then On Login Page Hit Create New Wallet

  • Alternatively use your crypto wallet to register by going to PHI.Network click login with crypto wallet or click here then click login with crypto wallet this will create a new account with the username as your crypto wallet address.

  • You can create a wallet address with a custom username by creating an account with an email. Once account is created with custom available username you can link any amount of crypto wallets you would like to login.

2) Fill Out Information

  • Username/wallet address (This Will Be Used To Receive Funds & Be Mentioned On PHI.NETWORK)

  • Email Address (Provide A Valid Email Address)

  • A Strong Password Is Required (Treat PHI.NETWORK With The Level Of Security You Would Your Traditional Bank Account 2FA Also Available For Additional Security)

  • Phone Number(PHI Can Be Sent & Received By Members Using Phone Numbers (Choose Who can see Phone Number Information)

  • Also Available Is The Use Of Facebook Account Creation By Hitting The Facebook Icon. PHI.Network Account Will Be Created Using Your Facebook Information.

  • Use your Google account to create & login to PHI.Network by clicking the google logo on login or registration form.

3) Click Sign Up

  • You Will Automatically Be Redirected To Your New PHI.Network Profile

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