How To Exchange BTC For PHI?

Follow The Instructions That Are On The Following Page To Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) For PHI (Φ).
On PHI Holdings Wallet Page Exchange BTC For PHI
Enter Amount You Would Like To Exchange In USD Value.
Select BTC
Copy The Address On The Next Page That Populates when You Select BTC
Now That Address Is Copied Click Done & Go Back To Wallet
Click Send
Paste The Deposit Address You Copied
Enter Amount & Click Send
Click Share or Click The Transaction ID
Share The URL of This Page
Copy The URL
You Can Find The Transaction Again On The Transaction Page
When You Click A Transaction It Will Open This Page
Now That You Have Successfully Sent BTC To The Contribution Deposit Address For PHI. Go Back To The Contribution Form & Fill In The Form To Redeem Your PHI To Your Wallet.
Select Type Of PHI
This Tutorial Shows Selecting The Smart Chain For Deposit Into PHI Holdings Wallet
Add Your Address From Your PHI Wallet. Then Add The Transaction Hash For your BTC transaction.
Click Redeem PHI Button. You Have Successfully Exchanged BTC for PHI
Click To Contribute Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH or Doge) For PHI
Congratulations You Have Now Learned How To Exchange BTC For PHI. Welcome To The Worlds Largest & Fastest Growing Decentralized Economy..