Difference Between PHI.Network Wallet & PHI Smart Chains

We Will Cover The Differences & Use Cases For Both PHI.Network Social Media Wallet & PHI Smart Chains.

PHI.Network Wallet

  • Used For Sending & Receiving Only To PHI.Network Usernames.

  • The Wallet Used To Mine PHI

  • Balance Is Completely Private

  • Simple To Use No Need To Save Private Keys.

  • Login With Password & Username

  • Instant Transaction Speeds

  • No Gas Fees

PHI Smart Chains

  • Ethereum Virtual Machine Interoperability

  • Build Tokenized Economies

  • Self Custodial

  • Build Decentralized Unstoppable Applications

  • Create Custom Crypto Tokens

  • Deploy Smart Contracts

  • Make Payments To Any EVM Compatible Wallet

  • Integratabtle Into Any Crypto Wallet

  • Super Computers That Run High Performance On Chain Applications

  • Opensource

Can I Move Funds From PHI.Network Wallet To The PHI Smart Chains?


Deposit To PHI.Network Wallet

To Deposit To PHI.Network Username Wallet Use This Form Here.

  1. Select PHI As The Payment Method

  2. Then In The Redemption Form Select PHI.Network Username Wallet As Chain Type.

Withdraw From PHI.Network Wallet To PHI Smart Chains

To Withdraw from PHI.Network Wallet To Either Of The PHI Smart Chains

Use These Instructions Here:

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