How To Import A Wallet Into Another Wallet?

This Tutorial Will Walk You Through Step by Step How To Import A Wallet Into Another Wallet.
1) Wallet Installed On Device
2) Connected To PHI Smart Chain
First Understand What Your Private Keys Of Your Wallet Are.
Every Noncustodial Crypto-currency Wallet Has A Private Key.
You Can Think Of The Private Key As The Password To Login To Your Wallet To Use Your Wallet Within A Different App.
The Public Key Is Your Wallets Address or username Where Assets Are Sent.
The Private Keys Are Where Your Assets Are Stored. The Different Wallets & Apps Are Just Viewing Your Private Keys Not Actually Storing Your Assets. Your Assets Are Stored On The Private Key Itself.
  1. 1.
    Find The Private Key For Your Wallet.
    • Depending On Your Wallet The Private Key Will Be Found In Different Locations. Google Search Your Wallet Provider & Private Keys. ("Wallet Name Find Private Key") This Will Give You A Step By Step Guide On How To Find Your Private Key For Your Specific Wallet.
  2. 2.
    Once You've Found Your Private Key You Can Now Import It Into A Different Wallet Interface.
    • Google Search (Wallet Name) How To Import Private Key Into Wallet. This Will Give You A Step by step guide specific to your wallet.