↕️How To Import A Wallet Into Another Wallet?

This Tutorial Will Walk You Through Step by Step How To Import A Wallet Into Another Wallet.


1) Wallet Installed On Device

2) Connected To PHI Smart Chain

First Understand What Your Private Keys Of Your Wallet Are.

Every Noncustodial Crypto-currency Wallet Has A Private Key.

You Can Think Of The Private Key As The Password To Login To Your Wallet To Use Your Wallet Within A Different App.

The Public Key Is Your Wallets Address or username Where Assets Are Sent.

The Private Keys Are Where Your Assets Are Stored. The Different Wallets & Apps Are Just Viewing Your Private Keys Not Actually Storing Your Assets. Your Assets Are Stored On The Private Key Itself.

  1. Find The Private Key For Your Wallet.

  2. Once You've Found Your Private Key You Can Now Import It Into A Different Wallet Interface.

How To Find The Private Key Attached To PHI.Network Username?

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