How To Add PHI20 Tokens To Wallet

Follow These Step By Step Instructions To Add PHI20 Tokens To Any Wallet
1) Wallet Installed On Device
2) Connected To PHI Smart Chain

v1 Chain:

1) Go To
2) Search For The Token You Would Like To Import Into Wallet (Example: BTC)
Enter Token Name Or Symbol
Click Token
Scroll Down To The Bottom Of Token Page
Copy The Address
3) Go Back To Your Wallet & Import The Token Address Into Your Wallet.


Click Import Custom Token
Paste Contract Address Click Save


On Portfolio Page Scroll To The Bottom
Click Edit Visible Assets
Click Add Custom Asset
Fill In Form Click Save

Token Pocket:

Click Plus "+" Icon
Click Custom token
Add Custom Token
Fill In Form


Click Plus "+' Icon
Click Custom Token
Fill In Form Then Click Save

Alpha Wallet:

Click Top Right Hand Corner The 3 Dots
Click Add/Hide Tokens
Click Plus "+" Icon
Enter Information Click Done
Congratulations You Have Added Your First Token To Your Wallet.

PHI20 Token Contract Address

Get Token Information For v2 PHI20 Tokens
Search The Token You Are Looking On Either Resource Then Copy Contract Address Use The Same Walk Through Instructions As Above To Import Your PHI20 Tokens Into Your Wallet.