💎PHI (Φ)

PHI Φ is PHI network's native and primary token. Initially deployed on Ethereum, we have expanded its compatibility and use-cases by making it the native token of PHI Network & PHI Smart Chain. We also have extend its availability to Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. You can use PHI to:

  • Pay for network and gas fees on PHI Smart Chain;

  • Participate in securing the network by becoming a validator;

  • Execute cross-border, trustless, and fast payments;

  • Exercise on-chain governance on PHI Network; and

  • Pay for products and services on affiliated marketplaces;

Basic Information

Name: PHI

Symbol: Φ

Standard: Native/ERC20/BEP20/Matic

Available Networks: PHI Network, Ethereum, Binance, Polygon

Contract Addresses

Wrapped PHI Contract Address (wPHI)


USDT Contract Address (usdt)


Ethereum Contract Address


Binance Smart Chain Contract Address


Polygon Matic Contract Address


Token Economics

PHI token economics promote fair distribution amongst the community, scarcity, and holding incentives for users. A small portion of its supply is burned every time a user sends a transaction on PHI Network, and this ensures balance to the nature of the tokens, as they are used to pay for block rewards on the network.


PHI Network

There were PHI 10,000,000 (ten million) pre-mined in PHI genesis block.

Pre-Mined Supply: 10,000,000

Deflation Rate

PHI is burnt every transaction on every block mined, thus bringing an inflationary element to the economics of the coin. This will be countered by the built-in burning mechanism that burns the fees used to pay for transactions.

Usage Fees & Burning Mechanism

PHI Network distributes part of the gas fees used to pay for transactions, these fees are automatically burned by the protocol.

Tokens Initial Allocation

Community Distribution and Direct Token Sales

Out of the total supply, 1,000,000 tokens were - or will be - allocated to be distributed to the community in different stages of the project.

Staking Rewards & Community Incentives

A total of 1,000,000 tokens have been set aside for community incentives, staking, and farming rewards,

Development Incentives & Operations

A total of 1,000,000 tokens have been set aside for assisting protocols and platforms to deploy on PHI Network, and to pay for operational expenses, such as salaries, etc. We have used a good part of the portion of these allocation in our buyback program.

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