Brave Setup

Follow the step by step Instructions below to set up brave wallet & connect to PHI Smart Chain
Prerequisite: Brave Browser Must Be Installed On Your Device Before Preceding With Setup Instructions.
Mobile Device
1) Click 3 Dots In bottom Left hand Corner
2) Click Wallet (beta)
3) Click Ethereum Next To The Wallet Balance
4) Click Add Network
5) Fill In The Form Completely
6) Make Sure The Form Is Filled In Entirety
7) Click Save
Click 3 dots in bottom left hand corner
Click Wallet (Beta)
Click Ethereum Next To The Wallet Balance
Click Add Network
Fill In The Form Completely
Make Sure The Form Is Filled In Entirety Then Click Save.
Click Wallet Icon In The Top Right Hand Corner
Click Ethereum
Click Plus "+" Icon In Top Right Below The Wallet Icon
Click Add
Enter Chain information
Click Submit
Chain ID: 4181
Name of the Chain: PHI
Chain’s currency name: PHI
Chain’s currency Symbol: PHI
Chain’s currency decimals: 18
Icon Url:
Block Explorer:
Congratulations You Have Connected Brave To PHI Smart Chain
As of 6/6/22 Coingecko Has Not Yet Listed PHI On Their Website So The PHI Price Will Not Show Up Correctly On Brave Browser As Brave Is Pulling Their Price Data From Coingecko. PHI Has Intentionally Not Listed With Coingecko or Coin market Cap because they ask for all holders information allowing them to have centralized control & power over the market. As Time Progresses These Resources Will Have To List PHI With Out Asking For Holder Personal Information Because PHI's Value IS Undeniable & Brings Real Solutions To The World. Additionally The PHI Community is in the process of developing its own branded wallet resources that pull data from sources like phiswap analytics & instantmarketcap
Pricing For Any Asset Listed On Coingecko Will Show Up In Brave Wallet on PHI Chain Such As BTC, ETH, & So on.