Smart Chain Gas Fees

Gas Fees To Perform Transactions On PHI Smart Chain Are The Lowest In The World With The Average Cost Of <$.0002 to send & <$.002 To Swap.

How To Make Sure You Are Not Being Over Charged By Metamask Or Other EVM Compatible Wallets On Gas Fees?

By Default Metamask May Set 1.0 to 1.5 GWEI As The Default Gas Fee This Is Much Too High On PHI Smart Chain & Not Needed.

To Perform Near Instant Transactions With The Lowest Possible Gas Fees

  1. Open A New Metmask Transaction

  2. Click Edit (Above Gas Estimate)

  1. For Base Max Fee (GWEI) Enter .01

  2. For Priority Fee (GWEI) Enter .00001

  3. Select The Check "Always Use Values And Advanced Settings As Default"

  4. Click Save


If You Have Spent Extra Unnecessary PHI On Fees Because of Metamask Default Values & Not Being Aware You Can Adjust Fees & Still Have Near Instant Transaction Times.

Put In A Support Ticket At PHI.Support With The Transaction Hash Url & The Over Paid Fees Will Be Refunded To Your Wallet Within 24-72 Hours Of Ticket Submission.

PHI Network Refunds 100% of All Gas Fees Save Your Transaction Hash URL's & Submit A Ticket Here & All Your Gas Fees Will Be Refunded.

Use Token Pocket , Alpha Wallet Or Brave Wallet For Lowest Gas Fees By Default Without Having To Manually Update

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