How To Buy Bitcoin?

Follow This Step By Step Guide To Purchase Bitcoin Using Your PHI.Holdings Wallet.
Now That You Have Created Your PHI.Holdings Wallets.
Get Some BTC In Your Wallet So You Can Exchange It For PHI & Participate In The Largest & Fastest Growing Decentralized Economy In The World.
You can use your Visa or Mastercard To Buy BTC Within The PHI Holdings Interface.
On The PHI Holdings Wallet Page Click Add Currency
Create BTC Wallet Click BTC
Click Continue
Click Deposit
Click Copy To Clipboard
Now Copy Your Bitcoin (BTC) Address, So Your Ready For The Deposit Form, To Receive Your BTC, Once You Have Paid For It With Your Credit Card.
Now That You Have Your BTC Wallet Address Copied.
Go To The Wallet Page Click The Buy Bitcoin (BTC) With Visa/MC. Tab In the middle Of the screen.
Alternatively you can click deposit then click the link "buy btc with credit card".
Both These links will take you to the same destination to buy BTC with a credit card so you can then contribute the BTC for PHI.
Follow The Instructions On The Following Page Enter The Amount of Bitcoin (BTC) You Would Like To Purchase & Submit Your Bitcoin (BTC) Deposit Wallet Address.
Click "not a robot"
Solve Captcha
Paste Bitcoin (BTC) in form and enter amount of BTC you want to buy. Click Continue.
Fill In Payment Instructions Continue To Process Payment.
Congratulations!!! You Have Now Bought Your First Bitcoin. Next Learn How To Contribute The BTC To Redeem More PHI.
Additional Methods To Buy BTC
Φ Smart Chain
Additional Methods To Purchase Bitcoin If You Need Them.