Additional Compatible Wallets Setup
Additional Wallets That Are Compatible With PHI Smart Chain. A Step By Step Guide To Connect Your Favorite 3rd Party & Open-source Wallets To PHI Smart Chain.

Recommended Additional PHI Smart Chain Wallet Is Alpha Wallet

Alpha Wallet Setup
Φ Smart Chain
Alpha Wallet Comes Natively Installed With Alpha Wallet & You Wont Need To Manually Add The Connection Details.

Connection Details

You will need to setup your wallet in order to use PHI Smart Chain, and you can use the parameters below to configure it with your preferred wallet provider. If you are using a private ledger, you will have to contact your server administrator to request the connection parameters of the network you are trying to connect to.

PHI Network Smart Chain

Alpha Wallet Has Fully Integrated PHI Network Smart Chain You Can Select PHI In The Select Networks List Without Having To Add The RPC & Explorer Information Manually.
Alpha Wallet Setup
Φ Smart Chain
Alpha Wallets dApp Browser On Mobiles Devices Works Great To Seamlessly Interact With Your Favorite PHI Networks dApps like Phiswap.
Metamask Setup
Φ Smart Chain
Best For Desktop Mobile Version Does Not Work So Great.
Token Pocket Setup
Φ Smart Chain
Token Pocket Mobile dApp Browser Is Great For Using dApps On Your Mobile Device As Well As Sending & Receiving.
Coinbase Setup
Φ Smart Chain
For Sending & Receiving PHI & PHI20 Assets.
Brave Setup
Φ Smart Chain
Great To Use If You Want To Display The Value Of Tokens In Fiat Within The Wallet & For Sending & Receiving But Token Pocket Is Better For Connecting To dApps.
Connect With Chainlist
Φ Smart Chain

Alternative RPCs

We only recommend the usage of alternative RPCs for advanced users, or if the main RPC isn't working for you. Please get in touch with support team if you can't connect to the network. Some wallets - mostly on mobile devices - won't accept non-SSL RPCs.
RPC Address
https://rpc2.phi.network/🔒 SSL

Connecting to Private Ledger

If you have deployed and is trying to connect to a private ledger, you will have to setup your own RPC, and use a regular wallet to connect to it.The settings can change on a case-to-case basis, and more documentation with specific instructions will be produced once we have launched our private ledger applications suite.

Want to deploy a public RPC?

If you want to deploy your own public RPC, you can liaise with the integration team so they can guide you through the process. Deploying a public RPC is a great public service to our community, as it effectively broadens our public connection bandwidth and ensures that users will still be able to interact with the network on an event where our public RPCs are down or overloaded.