Main Benefits Of V1 & V2 Smart Chains

We Will Now Explore The Main Benefits Of The PHI v1 & v2 Smart Chains.

There Are Benefits To Both The v1 & v2 Smart Chains Which is Why PHI Has Two Smart Chains.

Below You Will See The Major Benefits Of Each.

V1 Chain:

Private, Fast, Low Cost Transactions. Built For Private Peer To Peer Transactions.


  • Private Focused Public Smart Blockchain Built For Fast Real Time Payments.

  • Block Explorer Does Not Openly Display Phi20 Token Balances

  • Transaction History Is Only Displayed To The Private Key Holder.

  • Can Handle Millions Of Transactions A Second.

V2 Chain:

Instant, Private & Extremely Low Cost Payments. Built For High Performance Enterprise Applications & Point Of Sale Merchant Payments.


  • 3x-10x Faster Than v1 Chain

  • Fees Are 1000x Less Than v1 Chain

  • Developer Friendly

  • Modern Industry Standard Block Explorer (

  • Extensive Consumable API Library

  • Built For High Performance Applications

  • Wallet Balances Are Openly Displayed On The Block Explorer

  • Wallet Transaction History Is Publicly Available

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