📈PHI & PHI20 Price API

Below You Will Find The API Calls For PHI & PHI20 Tokens. This API Provides Live Market Updates From Phiswap Analytics In A Json File.

To Get The Price Of Any Token From The PHI Network Smart Chain Use The API Syntax Method Below.


Token Must Be Minted On PHI Smart Chain v1 With Liquidity on app.phiswap.com For Price.phi.network api to display the custom phi20 token value.

can use app.phitoken.com to launch a v1 phi20 token.

Analytics From Data Provided From info.phiswap.com will be displayed the data provided using this API.

Additional Price API Resource:

To Have Your Coin or Tokens Market Data & Price Added To PHI Networks Price API Email Info@phi.network With The Subject Line Of "Price API Addition Inquiry".

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