Token Rebalance Protocol

For using any of the contracts, leave the referral and disclosure that the contract has been created by PHI Network, even if you make alterations and changes.

// // SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
// Contract by PHI Network.

pragma solidity ^0.5.0;

contract Rebalancer {
    uint[] currentAllocation;
    uint[] targetAllocation;
    uint rebalancePeriod; 
    address[] authorizedUsers;
    constructor(uint[] memory _currentAllocation, uint[] memory _targetAllocation, uint _rebalancePeriod, address[] memory _authorizedUsers) public {
        currentAllocation = _currentAllocation;
        targetAllocation = _targetAllocation;
        rebalancePeriod = _rebalancePeriod;
        authorizedUsers = _authorizedUsers;

    function initiateRebalance() public {
    // code to initiate the rebalance

// Function to check for rebalance conditions
function checkRebalanceConditions() public {
    // code to check for rebalance conditions

// Function to execute the rebalance
function executeRebalance() public {
    // code to execute the rebalance

// Function to authorize certain users
function authorizeUser(address user) public {
    // code to authorize a user
```e code

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