🌊How To Create Liquidity Pools?

Follow The Step By Step Visual Aid Below To Create Liquidity Pools For Tokens On Phiswap.


1) Wallet Must Be Installed On Your Device

2) Connected To PHIswap

Before Preceding With Instructions

1) Click Add Liquidity

Add PHI Liquidity

Add USDT Liquidity

2) Select Currencies (Top & Bottom)

3) Click Approve (Token) (Confirm In Wallet)

4) Click Supply (Confirm In Wallet)

Creating New Liquidity Pools For Tokens

When Creating A pool For The First Time That Hasn't Been Created Previously For A New Token You Will Need To Set The Initial Rate Of The Token or Tokens.

The Recommendation Is To First Set The Price With USDT Because It Is Easy To Do The Calculations. The Tokens Initial Price Is Derived From The Ratio Of Tokens That Are Supplied On Both Sides.

Once You Have Set The USDT Price Of Your Token.

Get The Current Price Of PHI/USDT

Divide Your Tokens Price per USDT By The Price Of PHI To Know How Many Tokens You Will Need To Supply Per PHI To Have Your Price Rates Consistent Across Both liquidity Pools.

In Order For Price To Be Displayed On Phiswap Analytics

1) Create Both USDT/(NEWTOKEN) & PHI/(NEWTOKEN) Liquidity Pools.

2) Add At Least $10,000,000+ To Liquidity Pools.

3) Exchange (NewToken) With PHI or USDT

4) Check Token Price & Chart

Congratulations You Have Created Your First Liquidity Pool

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