🎇How To Connect To Phitoken App?

Learn How To Connect To Phitoken App To Create A New PHI20 Token.


1) Token Pocket Installed On Your Mobile Device

2) Connected To PHI Smart Chain

1) Inside Token Pocket Go To Token Pocket dApp Browser By Clicking The "Discover" Tab In The Bottom App Menu.

2) Connect Phitoken To Token Pocket

Congratulations You Have Connected Token Pocket Wallet To Phitoken App Now You Can Launch Your Own Crypto-currency on PHI Smart Chain

Fill In The Form With The Details Of Your Token Then Hit Create Confirm Transaction On Wallet & Now You Have A New Token.

Review Your Wallets Launched Tokens By Clicking Load Token.

This Page Will Display All Tokens Mint From Your Connected Wallet

Now You Are Ready To Create A New PHI20 Token.

Once Token Is Created You Can Use The Contract Address To Import It Into Phiswap.

Then You Can Add Liquidity Using Your PHI & Your Newly Minted Token To Allow Every One In The PHI Economy To Trade Your New Asset.

If You Want The Price Of The New Token To Be Displayed & The Chart To Populate Create Atleast Two Liquidity Pools & Add $10M+ In Liquidity In PHI/NewToken & USDT/NewToken Then Swap Your New Token For PHI Or USDT. Go To Phiswap Analytics To See The New Tokens Price & Charts.

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