🏦Additional PHI Wallet Setup

Step By Step Instructions To Get Started With PHI Non-Custodial Smart Chain Wallet

Additional Back Up PHI Branded Wallet

This Wallet Allows For The Creation Of Paper Wallets.

For Sending & Balance Viewing This Wallet Is Only Compatible With V1 Chain. If Using This Wallet For New Wallet Creation, Paper Wallets & Receiving Then It Will Work For Both v1 & v2 Chains.

How To Import PHI Profile Smart Chain Wallet To PHI Wallet.

PHI Wallet Can Be Accessed Directly By Going To wallet.phi.network

PHI Wallet Is A Progressive Web Application PWA You Can Easily Install It To Your Mobile or Desktop Device By Adding wallet.phi.network To Your Home Screen.

Congratulations You Have Now Imported Your PHI Network Username Wallet To Your PHI Wallet On The PHI Smart Chain.

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